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Our modern production recording studio is housed in beautiful 19th century premises on Prague 3. The studio area is 90 m2 including the background. The acoustically resolved recording rooms, which combine wooden, brick and professional foam elements, have great sound properties.

The experience gained by the studio during its time in the music industry is its greatest asset. TdB production has had countless successful performers, reviews in magazines, video clips and references. Tracpce that were produced by our company have appeared in play-lists of Czech radio for several years.

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in our studio we offer recording, mix and mastering to bands and performers of all genres

The 3.5x7.5m mode is equipped with cutting-edge technology. The heart of the studio was the flagship of the German firm R.M.E., the Fireface UFX sound card. This card, combined with the Ferrofish A16 MK-II converter, is capable of recording 32 audio tracpce at once. It also offers musicians 16 stereo monitoring paths for great listening, without any latency for headphones.

The main console in our recording studio is the 32-channel analog mixing board MACKIE 32-8 in great condition. All this is complemented by lamp pressings from Joemeek, TL Audio, Art, R. M. E. and SPL , which heat the recording with lamp sound, which is highly sought after again by musicians. A fully digital M-Audio Projectmix mixer with motorized faders is available for registration of automation and editing. The entire studio is synchronized by midi cables with classic piano Hammer drive AKAI MPK 88 and DJ mix Tractor S4. This involvement allows musicians to connect the analogue and digital worlds, without any compromise.

The 7.5m x 6m recording room, plus two smaller recording rooms of 2x2m and 2x4m size, are ideally designed for live recording without unwanted overhearing, which would give rise to problems in recording repair and editing. Live recording has been coming back into vogue for a long time, and recording studio TdB Production is well prepared for that. The classic layering of instruments by gradual recording is also an obvious feature.

All recording chains are connected by professional Klotz cables and gilded Neutrik connectors. A 10-piece set of US AUDIX DP8 microphones, followed by the AUDIX CX112 capacitor, SHURE SM 58, the SHURE SM57 stereopair, SHURE SM7B, the SENNHEISER E906 stereo pair, the MXL R77 tape stereo pair, the 2006 MXL condenser stereo pair, the K2 lamp RODE stereo pair and many other verified microphone tags are ready to light any project in the highest studio quality.

The Protools software, which is the world standard of all major recording studios, offers myriad options when mixing and mastering your recording. Plug-ins of IK Multimedia, Izotope, Bomb Factory, an arsenal of samples and virtual tools are ready to inhale the original sound of your recording. The equipment of AKAI and NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is a guarantee of a good soundtrack for electronic projects and DJ without borders.

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On the drum kit we use a professional set of ten Audix microphones, two Shure SM 57 microphones for a small drum. Next, SHURE SM7B, Audix CX-112, 2x Rode K2,2x MXL R77, 2X MXL2006 microphones to create optimal space. All microphones are plugged into special lamp pre-amplifiers of top quality.

Drums set to 20 audio feet? Why is that? In post-production and mix, you just pick the mood of the set.

We spin bass by both line and reprobox with Shure SM 57, Shure SM7B and Audix D6 microphones. Don't you have a quality bass apparatus? We have top-notch preamps and simulations. Guitars are taken by the Shure SM57, Shure Beta57, Shure SM7B, Audix i5, Audix CX - 112, MXL R77 and RODE K2 microphones. Through the pre-amplifiers JOEMEEK TWIN-Q and TL AUDIO 5051 mk2. There are a number of hundreds of guitar simulations available. Breath instruments, string instruments and acoustic guitars, we sound with a combination of Audix CX 112, 2X Rode K2, 2X MXL R77 and 3X Audix ADX 51 microphones.

We record the singing through Shure SM7B microphones, Audix CX - 212, MXL R77, RODE K2, RODE N1A, which record your voice with incredible accuracy and detail. The summer-proven lamp preamp of the TL AUDIO 5051, JOEMEEK ONE Q and ART VOICE CHANEL serves as a pre-amplifier. Samply and loopy. The recording studio has a huge number of samples and loops to create the background under your project. The studio is equipped with a huge number of midi instruments and it's all in your imagination if you want to have an orchestra around you, Indians with lots of percussion, synthesizer walls etc ... it's all in your imagination

Live recording

At the recording studio TdB Production Praha, we also record live, which, based on experience, will preserve your band's feeling as much as possible and save your wallet. Thanpce to a lot of rooms in the studio, each instrument is recorded without mishearing and they go to correct errors in individual tracpce, and the final mix is as good as the sequential recording.

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live recording is back, perpetuate your band's feel live


Brushing tracpce (searching every footprint and lubricating unwanted mishearings, ruckus, etc.) Effects of individual tracpce. Thanpce to a huge amount of original software, we're able to create almost anything. Of course there are simulations of apparatus such as AMPEG, MARSHALL, FENDER, etc... The actual mixing and automation of the recording, is the most important part of the recording process where the longer the time spent mixing, the greater the quality of the result. Three different monitoring systems are available. We also do the final mix analog over a 32 channel analogue mixconsole, which gives the recordings a specific character.

Mix online

Thanpce to the fast internet connection, we can consult and create the mix process online without you having to travel to our recording studio. In addition to the convenience of your home or study, the advantage of this procedure is that you will be able to listen to the entire process on your familiar monitoring systems.

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Specifies the final version of the recording, mastered by Sound Forge 10, using several original plug-in processors such as T-Rack, IK- multimedia - Ozone and several stereo AES/EBU lamp processors. Mastering is the final stage in which all your previous efforts will come to fruition. With mastering, your recording will get a full, balanced and professional sound full of energy, allowing listeners to perceive all the details of your music on mainstream reproduction devices, radio and multimedia. At the same time, Mastering will integrate the individual tracpce into a harmonious-sounding whole within the album and prepare your work for final commitment to production as well as on the technical side.

Mastering online

Thanpce to the Internet connection, we can consult and create the entire mastering process online without you having to travel to our recording studio. In addition to the comfort of your home or study, the advantage of this procedure is that you will be able to listen to the entire process on your familiar monitoring systems and thus still be in a direct "picture."

Video clips from the studio

During recording we like to create full HD videos for you directly in the studio, which are currently a popular promotion for bands and performers, before the single or CD release itself.


Pricelist of recording studio TdB Production Prague


Price for bands and performers

(recording, mix, mastering)

990,- czk per hour

The minimum rental period is 4 hours. 


Price for commercial projects

(voiceovers, ads, podcasts, sound design, etc...)

1190,- czk per hour 

The minimum rental period is 4 hours. 


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